Fresch | Sandwiches & Monster Paninis
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Veggie Delight Panini

Mozzarella, avocado, olives, sundried tomatoes and pesto sauce

Chicken & Bacon Melt Panini

Slices of tasty chicken, rashers of bacon, topped with melted cheese and mayo

Tuna Melt Panini

Tuna mayo, black olives and melted cheese

Popeye Panini

Hot chicken, bacon and spinach

Highland Special

Finest Scottish smoked salmon with cream cheese

Oriental Style

Sliced chicken in a Chinese sauce

Indian Summer

Chicken chunks in a tikka sauce

Chicken Temptation

A delicious combination of chicken, sausage and bacon in mayonaise

Hot & Spicy

Cajun chicken marinated in a Mexican spicy sauce


Chunks of tasty chicken in a pepper curry sauce with sultanas

Popeye Special

Spinach, chicken and bacon in mayo

Continental Tuna

Dolphin friendly tuna flakes with kidney beans, peppers and onion


Sliced Egg & Tomato

Egg Mayonaise

Mozzarella and Tomato


Cheese & Onion

Corned Beef


Chicken & Mayo

Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn

Prawn & Seafood Sauce

Beef & Horseradish


Toasted Wraps

Speciality Bread

For baguette, wraps, baps, bloomer bread add or Ciabatta there is an extra charge.